Our Story ......

All of our soy products are hand made.  No automated equipment is used so you can be assured that they are of the finest quality.  From years of candle making we have learned that most customers don’t like a candle that is so scented, it overtakes the whole room.  Ours are just the right amount of fragrance so that you know what fragrance it is without having to look at the label.  We strive to create the "Perfect" candle.  We use the finest soy wax we can get.  We add fragrance at just the right temperature and pour at the right temperature.  We use all cotton wicks and the right size wicks for the jar.

Our candles are designed and priced for the medium to avid candle users.  We do not use the very expensive designer jars that are for the "once in awhile" users.  We know many people like to keep candles burning all of the time so we have priced our candles accordingly without sacrificing quality.


We are family owned company and a U S Veteran.